Here I love you (based off of a Neruda poem by the same name)

Here I love you

Here I love you in the quiet air that holds me as I move through this world

Lost in the quiet haze of remembering lips flush against peach skin back, wrists, neck. All the soft and waiting geographies.

Here I love you in between day and dawn and dusk and night, always in between something, perpetually in transformation.

Here I love you,

here in my gut my blood the strands of my hair the hand that becomes a fist a cup a cradle me. See the roots of it across my skin the flowers that bloom on my lips.

Here I love you

on the shore of a strange continent, a lost destination. It used to seem so far away.

Here I love you with barbed wire fences and armed guards with bloodlust oozing from clenched jaws

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