About the Writer

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I’m a Washington D.C. based writer, dilletante, and aspiring hedonist. By day I work in early childhood education policy and by night I am pursuing an M.A. in Philosophy and Social Policy.

This blog is a testament, a catalogue, and as the name implies, a diary.

Instagram: @sydelle.jpg

Email: sydelle.barreto@gmail.com

7 responses to “About the Writer”

  1. Hi Sydelle
    Just to say we love you and love your brilliantly penned prose and poetry. It was wonderful to meet you last summer and see you have grown into such a beautiful person(inside and out!… never ever doubt that.)…until we meet again….keep writing …. keep happy….keep well…..
    Our love always – Peter and Loretta, Cornwall UK

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  2. Just took a peak at this and loving it. You have a brilliant mind Sydelle, I’m so excited to read more of what’s to come from this diary!


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