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  • Advice to a stranger (part 2)

    I recently saw a quote, “The more you find yourself, the more friends you lose.” At first I thought, well, I guess that makes sense if you find yourself and turns our you’re kind of a jerk. But maybe when you find yourself, it’s not a change, a metamorphosis, it’s a simply a revelation. You […]

  • Unfair and Lovely

    I wondered if my colors would run like the sari my mother washed yesterday, I watched it bleed and fade. Maybe if I floated here long enough, belly towards the cracked ceiling, my brown skin would slip down the drain with the dirty bathwater.

  • Death to fate

    I have a friend that believes that universe will give you what you are meant to have. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. I don’t think that’s true. I don’t believe in a universe that arbitrarily grants wishes or denies them based on what? Who decides if you deserve something? I suppose the answer […]

  • Lonely Orchestra

    I am bones in the desert, watermelon rind, a cavern at dusk. Fold me up and place me with the bare, empty things. But then again, a violin is hollow, a guitar, a drum, so maybe I am just an instrument waiting for a musician to learn how to pluck my strings.