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  • Be afraid of poets

    *inspired by “Poem”by Zeehan Sahil* Be afraid of poets. They will eat the roses from your cheeks, weep crocodile tears into your open wounds, and leave their love in every damn part of you. Be afraid of poets, You will be second to the art, a pale comparison to the stanzas that keep them breathing, […]

  • Leftover Women

    There are some of us who the world forgot. we had your wife’s eyes, your sister’s nose, your daughter’s smile but we were none of these, so you didn’t remember, what the nights stole from us, plucked out, carved out, slowly but surely tore out, with fingers that tasted like tradition. There are some of […]

  • Solstice

    I am the bitter aftertaste, at the back of your throat. The greasy regret that sits slick, heavy, and clenching. I am the earth, midwinter, dry and frozen and I have forgotten  what spring means. 

  • Squeezing you in 

    when I’m not thinking about anything at all, is when I think of you. tied to my heartbeat, I can hear you thunk and thud in my chest. Maybe you’re not the person you were, when I first really looked at you, the first time I saw you like a dying man sees another sunrise […]

  • Pious

    I was raised devout and abiding but I’ve always been a much too much woman, spilling over the lines, going where I wasn’t supposed to. My mother tried to put God in me, but I see Him everywhere else, except in my own reflection.

  • Advice to a stranger (part 2)

    I recently saw a quote, “The more you find yourself, the more friends you lose.” At first I thought, well, I guess that makes sense if you find yourself and turns our you’re kind of a jerk. But maybe when you find yourself, it’s not a change, a metamorphosis, it’s a simply a revelation. You […]

  • Unfair and Lovely

    I wondered if my colors would run like the sari my mother washed yesterday, I watched it bleed and fade. Maybe if I floated here long enough, belly towards the cracked ceiling, my brown skin would slip down the drain with the dirty bathwater.

  • Death to fate

    I have a friend that believes that universe will give you what you are meant to have. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. I don’t think that’s true. I don’t believe in a universe that arbitrarily grants wishes or denies them based on what? Who decides if you deserve something? I suppose the answer […]

  • Lonely Orchestra

    I am bones in the desert, watermelon rind, a cavern at dusk. Fold me up and place me with the bare, empty things. But then again, a violin is hollow, a guitar, a drum, so maybe I am just an instrument waiting for a musician to learn how to pluck my strings.