• First poem of 2019: what the body is

    My body is the party of the year  and none of you are invited.  I am Gatsby waiting on the shore,  for the love of my life, which is myself. I put up streamers, balloons. There is more champagne than you have ever seen  and I am getting drunk in the bathtub.  Quote the body […]

  • Holidays in the Human Consciousness

    As you get older the best things about the holidays are not presents or family or food but those ephemeral yet inevitable feelings that seem to surge in the collective human heart every year.  The softening towards each other, the sudden rise of empathy in your gut, because you realize how precarious your position in […]

  • It’s a wrap

    2018 has been a LONG year. Strangely, for the life of me, I can’t remember this past New Year’s Eve. We often forget how things began but never forget how they ended. So much has happened in 2018 it’s sometimes hard to believe it was just one year. I lived in 3 states, had 3 […]

  • And now back to our regular programming

    I just realized that I haven’t blogged in a month! Dear imaginary readers, we have lots to catch you up on. 3 important things happened in the last month: I cut my hair off again. I accepted a job offer at an education nonprofit. I am moving to DC (okay well, technically Silver Spring) this […]

  • after fury

    There’s an end to every anger. I know that’s hard to believe. But one day the flame will gutter and die, and you will have to find something else to light the way.

  • Know thyself

    I know myself. Tendon and bone and sweet tongue drop stone, heavy between teeth, pressed warm wet secret to the roof of my mouth. Everything that is the world’s and mine alone.   This knowing is not what you came with brightly tucked in flushed infant fist, crib companion. You cried and let into the […]

  • A funeral song for the end of the world

    Is this where ruin is finally laid to rest The last call to war heard long before A curious dawn, the first dawn In a way   Is this where you learn how to write a softer ending Than you deserve It comes gentle to us all, After all.   Is this where you are […]

  • idk

    I don’t know what it means to be a woman, But I can tell you that there is a different kind Of power here And we don’t have to be your mother or your sister Or your lover To wield it Our bodies are not what we can make Not defined by theory or possibility […]

  • The fairer sex

    It’s funny that men are supposed to be better at math, at finance, at numbers and calculating the owing of things. But I have yet to see a man held accountable. Women are, after all, the fairer sex.   Women are considered incomplete, born from a rib, lacking the moral compass to tell temptation no. […]

  • Mitski Inspiration Part Deux: Bury Me at Makeout Creek

    bury me at makeout creek lay me down in the romanced paths warm loved dirt think about what these trees have seen kissing is hard enough for those still breathing dead kids are loved but can’t do anything in return   bury me at makeout creek better than the grownup graveyard with those lives well […]