• The 4 guys you’ll date in Washington D.C.

    The Apolitico: This is the dude who never wants to talk about politics. He’s white and straight and cis and hails from Connecticut. He didn’t mean to end up in DC. He’s a programmer or works some kind of finance job you don’t really care to understand, even though he explains it multiple times over $16 […]

  • Are Quarter Life Crises Real or Am I Just Dramatic

    I never though quarter (or mid) life crises were real. I understand the anxieties about getting older and I understood crises all too well. But I always attributed quarter life crises to the ennui of youth, the low wages and high anxiety lifestyle of millennials and societal norms shifting. For mid life crises I thought […]

  • 22 Things I Learned Being 22

    My 22nd birthday honestly feels like it happened centuries ago, and I don’t feel close in any way to the person I was at this time last year. But that’s what we call growth, honey. Here’s my annual reflective post of yet another year that I have managed to survive. Getting over trauma doesn’t mean […]

  • Magic, growing up, and fantasy novels

    I rediscovered my love of fantasy my junior year of college. I say re-discovered because high fantasy (think magic, fae, and monarchy) were my bread and butter growing up. Since I was a kid before Netflix, wasn’t into video games, and didn’t have Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network until middle school, playing pretend was how I […]

  • wasted life

    I should be in awe of everything living The sharp knife of breath The dull kick of heart A temporary thing to worship.   Instead I tongue worry around the back of my mouth, Afraid to leave footsteps because everything is quicksand, Afraid to knock too hard, in case the door is opened. These nightmares […]

  • Grieving a friendship

    There’s a playbook for romantic breakups. You buy the ice cream (dairy free, obvi), listen to Sam Smith, re-download tinder, and get wine-drunk with your best friends. But what are we supposed to do when we break up with a friend? Especially a very close one? I recently ended a 4.5 year friendship. One that began […]

  • Why I’m Not Saying “Men Are Trash” Anymore (or at least going to try)

    Enter any bar on a Friday night, in most countries in the world, and you can probably find a group of women talking about, and I’m paraphrasing here, men are trash. I used to do it all the time, and still do (most often in bar bathrooms). But I’m going to be cutting back. While […]

  • We should all have more crushes

    Like the typical single millennial woman, I consume a lot of media about being single. Whether it’s positive or negative or about wanting love or not wanting love, most of it rarely makes me re-examine any aspect of my dating life, but it sure is fun. I just started reading “How to Date Men when […]

  • In defense of being a closed book

    I’ve always referred to myself as an open book, which is just a nicer way of saying that I’m a chronic oversharer. Coupled with my generally uncontrollable urge to fill up awkward silences and my proclivity for rambling when I’m nervous means that people get to know me pretty well, pretty quickly. I used to […]

  • Family Matters

    Growing up, my white friends would inevitably ask where the rest of my family lived. I was usually met with a mixture of pity and fascination when I explained that the only blood relatives in the US I have live in Washington, California, Texas, Nebraska and Ohio. However, this sprinkling of people does not include […]