• It’s Okay to Feel Sad on Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day sales in the United States are expected to reach about $27.4 billion this year. That’s an increase of $6.7 billion from last year. Overall, a great year for the purveyors of teddy bears and heart shaped chocolates. Given these statistics – let’s not pretend that V-Day at its core is anything but another […]

  • I thought I was used to this/yet another thing I need to be happy

    I went to high school in a fairly conservative, extremely white area. Exhibit A: A member of the Gay-Straight Alliance was spat on by a parent at Back to School night for handing out flyers. Exhibit B: I caused an uproar (included accusations that I was “racist”) when I wrote an article in my school […]

  • a way to be yourself

    I am no good at solitude,  It must be poetic otherwise I will ball it up and bury it amongst yesterday’s leavings.  Being alone makes me feel like I am burning youth, as if it is a dance that only exists under a watchful and appreciative eye. I am only alive when I am adored […]

  • Season 2, Episode 4 of Fleabag

    I am Catholic in the way that God is the first neighbor I ask for a cup of sugar. I am a different girl than the one who wore white and believed it was Jesus on her tongue. I am a different girl than the one who felt the priests oily thumb on her forehead […]

  • a need for chaos

    On Sunday nights life feels like a death drop towards disaster. You’re angry at the changing of seasons, at the bus that was 20 mins late, the person who doesn’t text back after a great date, the men who slide oily eyes over you when you walk home on the late side, wondering how effective […]

  • (Re) Learning How to Dress Myself

    I’m 23 and 1/2 , or at least I will be in two days, and I’m learning how to dress myself.  Okay, let’s rewind. To be clear, my mother has not picked out my outfits in many years and while I have solicited feedback from friends and family on important outfits (we’re all doing jeans […]

  • a named thing

    You say my name  and it makes me think of the first day of summer,  that old, new warmth,   slept in sheets nostalgic about the night before.  Walking in time to a song,  its beat swinging through my pelvis.    You say my name,  and it’s like I am finally myself,  years spent bending flesh […]

  • Everything I’ve learned about love in 2019

    It’s November, so unless some really dramatic stuff goes down in the next two months, I think it’s safe to recap everything I’ve learned about loving and being loved in 2019.  In 2019, a friendship that was a major part of my life for the past 4 years ended. It’s been one of the more […]

  • Rejection 101

    I am usually the first person to text after a first date. I’ve always applied to jobs I am underqualified for. I raise my hand for opportunities at work that I will probably fail at. When I was 15, I called my crush and asked him out via VOICEMAIL. This is all to say, I […]

  • fall fever

    It’s raining and I’m longing for someone who hasn’t thought about me in weeks. This is where I’m comfortable. In the tolerable melancholy, that sweet familiar ache. I don’t want everything because half the fun is in that wanting. Yearning is a fading art. Why flesh our dramatic scenes with them in your mind, first […]