25 Things I Learned Being 25

  1. Academic validation doesn’t replace other kinds of validation but it sure does get close.
  2. Don’t invite people you don’t know well to your birthday party. DO invite people you don’t know well to other parties.
  3. Adjusting to a job once you’ve had more significant professional experience is more difficult than adjusting to your first job because you’re now used to doing things in a specific way.
  4. I will not be happy in life until achieve an enemies to lovers romance. Please instagram DM with any inquiries or leads. Thank you.
  5. Some of those Tik-Tok dating coaches who are kind of misogynistic are right about one thing: if they’re not interested in defining the relationship and you are? End it – it’s not worth waiting for their feelings to change.
  6. I officially have ADHD (and honestly it was glaringly obvious).
  7. I honestly think the meaning of life might just be giggling with your friends.
  8. What I was looking for when I studied economics in college I actually found in philosophy. Also – economics bros and philosophy bros are really not that different.
  9. I am finally okay not ordering that fruity little drink because I *can* shoot whiskey (this is a Carrie Underwood reference please get it).
  10. A side effect of adulthood is becoming increasingly invested in normalcy and I need to fight harder to keep my weird ways.
  11. I am and forever will be, a Greek mythology kid.
  12. Not to sound like a white girl, but I really do look so much better tan.
  13. I don’t know that there will ever be a conclusive answer to my questions around faith and God and religion. But I think that’s okay. I think there is some kind of faith that exists in the commitment to continue exploring a relationship with a higher power. Moreover – I don’t need to justify or explain it to anyone. It doesn’t matter if other Catholics or Christians think I’m not a believer or think I don’t have a right to the faith. Religion is deeply personal, and as long as its not a practice closed to you or cultural appropriation, you have the right to explore it on your own terms in whatever way you choose.
  14. I need to commit to writing more.
  15. I might be getting too old for the kind of concerts where I need to stand for hours and crane my neck and elbow inconsiderate youths just to get a halfway decent view of the performance. Catch me in the back with the parents supervising from afar.
  16. Healing your inner teenager is just as important as healing your inner child.
  17. Unfortunately, the only way I can not bite my nails is just to have them always done.
  18. I am never going blonde/bleaching my hair ever again (unless it’s for fun color).
  19. You really gotta figure out a way to stop liking people just because they’re nice and give you consistent attention.
  20. Maybe I should just become a pescatarian because 9/10 times that’s what I’m interested in eating anyways?
  21. I need to learn to take better care of myself (physically, emotionally, and mentally) during the semester.
  22. Idk if I have the strength for a hot girl summer.
  23. The older I get the more I feel like my sun sign and not like my moon or rising (taurus, aries and libra respectively). I love comfort and committing to things and being stubborn and my routine. Please exit stage left if you are going to de-stabilize me.
  24. We are all small and stupid in the big picture and that is okay 🙂
  25. A coffee + walk first thing in the morning is the best way to start the day.

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