a list of things I am worried about – child of the internet edition

I am concerned that I am boring.

That every single aspect of my personality is just something I saw on the internet one time.

Maybe I am too online to ever be really authentic.

I am worried that I internalized 2012 tumblr too much and gave myself irreversible brain damage.

I am afraid that I genuinely enjoy fanfiction.

I am worried that fanfiction has altered my perceptions of romance probably forever.

What if I have given irony too much importance and sincerity which is actually cool has become gauche in my mind because my generation sometimes thinks its cool to not mean things cool to not care?

What if my sense of humor is broken?

What if tiktok audios are the only thing I remember in a crisis?

Maybe I am slowly chipping away at my ability to focus which was minimal in the first place and by the time I am middle aged any conversation longer than 2.38 seconds will bore me to tears.

Maybe ennui will be the strongest emotion for the rest of adult life.

I am worried that autocorrect has taken away my ability to spell and somehow my language skills are slowly regressing day by day.

I am worried that true peace

or at least the kind i need and am looking for

shall only be found if I can divest myself from the internet however

I am worried that i am addicted to my phone.

I am worried because I know I am addicted to my phone.

I am mildly, okay very, concerned that dating apps are the only viable path to romance but to use them is to reduce people to commodities and doesn’t that feel wrong?

I am worried that I am too worried about reducing men to commodities when in the objectification olympics they take gold every time.

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