24 things I learned being 24

  1. You should trust yourself when you feel like a friendship is toxic/performative/one-sided. It’s better to be alone than in a disingenuous relationship that makes you feel like you can’t be yourself.
  2. If a bartender tells you that one of their regulars is a bad dude, you should believe him.
  3. Dirty martinis are amazing and oysters and fries is a balanced meal.
  4. So much of your relationship with your parents sets the foundation for the other relationships in your life. If they aren’t going to get therapy, you should. You can love and be grateful for the material support your parents gave you but you don’t have to live your life for their validation and you can disagree with aspects of how they raised you.
  5. No one else is going to set boundaries for you.
  6. I like she/they pronouns!
  7. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m genuinely feminine or if society has just conditioned me to only feel valuable, desirable, etc. when I present feminine. Especially as a midsize WOC.
  8. Honestly, it’s fine to hate men as long you give individual ones a chance (within reason, and honestly only if you want to). Misandry is justified.
  9. [redacted] my family might read this
  10. Grad school is not as scary as I thought it would be.
  11. Grad school is also kind of what I imagined college to be and now i’m realizing maybe I should have just gone to a liberal arts school for undergrad. Oh well.
  12. I am never wearing skinny jeans again. I know I’m a cusp year but in my heart I am a millennial.
  13. Hank Green is actually the better Green brother.
  14. DC really should be a state and people outside of DC should also care about it.
  15. Olives are actually delicious, I’m sorry I hated on them for so long. (Just the green ones, Kalamata olives can still choke.)
  16. I have no water in my chart which honestly explains a lot of things about me.
  17. I need to get tested for ADHD.
  18. Dating apps are not means to be used for long stretches. They are eroding our ability to authentically connect but are also simultaneously establishing themselves as the primary paradigm outside of created communities (friend groups, work, school) for meeting someone.
  19. If I’m not destined to die alone as a very wealthy, kinda mean (but in a fabulous way) old lady with a custom built library and greenhouse in my victorian mansion in the PNW I will only be meeting someone irl.
  20. I’m combining all of my celebrity thoughts into one thing: Timothee Chalamet is actually not hot and the mainstream media is brainwashing you. Armie Hammer needs to go to jail. Please do not ever tell me anything about reality tv I do not care. Me and Henry Cavill have a really similar birth chart and I’m CONVINCED if I was hotter we would be compatible. Harry Styles would be a terrible boyfriend (emotionally, everything else would be immaculate).
  21. I am honestly okay not understanding certain new slang words/popular internet phrases. Most of them are probably AAVE I should not be using anyways!
  22. 40 is honestly not old at all.
  23. All of your friends are going to really annoy you at some point and that is okay!
  24. I can actually get away with only wearing bralettes/sports bras 95% of the time. For regular bras, CUUP has the best bras I’ve ever put on my godforsaken body. Also, I was wearing the wrong bra size.

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