23 Things I’ve learned being 23

  1. After years of begging my parents for a dog and more years of identifying as a cat person it turns out I’m not a pet person! I like animals just fine – I just don’t want to responsible for them permanently. Also: I firmly believe that it is incredibly unsanitary to sleep with an animal in your bed.
  2. Before you vent to someone: journal about it. It’s a better way to get out what you feel without having to make it make sense to someone else AND you can rant about the same thing over and over and no one will mind! I’ve starting doing it during quarantine as a way of preserving my thoughts and feelings during this time. I do it right before bed, and I’ve noticed that on that nights I do spend 10 minutes jotting some stuff down my heart feelings noticeably lighter when I go to bed.
  3. But also: over processing is a real thing.
  4. Country music is actually good when it’s not about patriotism/misogyny.
  5. Being an oversharer is not charming/cute/cool.
  6. If someone doesn’t like me – it’s none of my business as to why.
  7. Being desired is meaningless.
  8. One of the hardest things to do in a friendship (and IMO one of the most important) is to hold each other accountable.
  9. Buying plants = serotonin
  10. It’s very interesting that as a formerly extremely messy teenager I’ve become someone with kind of high standards for cleanliness.
  11. I don’t know if I belong on the East Coast, at least long term.
  12. Sometimes the best opinion to have on a subject is “I don’t know.”
  13. I don’t care if you don’t believe in astrology but I do care if you’re obnoxious about it. Some belief systems are not inherently more true than others. Except Scientology which is completely false.
  14. Christianity and socialism are inherently extremely compatible. I also don’t think you need to be a “perfect Christian” to be allowed to have an opinion/critique the faith.
  15. There’s a line between being an extrovert and using external things to distract yourself.
  16. Oh my god mortality is terrifying. It really took a global pandemic for me to fear death.
  17. I have to stop seeing the world in black and white. The problem isn’t my political views, it’s how I view people that disagree with me. And I’m not talking about fascists or Nazis or avid Trump supporters. I have this ugly, knee jerk reaction to anyone that isn’t politically close to me. And while politics are deeply personal, there are tons of shitty people on the left and good people who have other political beliefs. I’m not saying I need to start stop talking shit about the demonic turtle that is Mitch McConnell, but I need to judge people for who they are beyond their politics. Maybe I’ll even start swiping right on moderates.
  18. Boundaries are real things that are very important to establish with people you’re close to!
  19. Twitter is a net bad for my mental health.
  20. Even adults have to parent themselves.
  21. If they like you, you won’t be confused.
  22. Projecting past hurts onto new people hurts you the most. Let it go sis!
  23. Honestly, the Twilight movies are kind of good.

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