What I want to be when I grow up

  1. My parents, but cooler.
  2. Priyanka Chopra: I would get to look like that, be a Bollywood star, and be married to a Jonas Brother which were all the life goals I had at age 12.
  3. Irene Adler – BBC Sherlock looks and attitude with book version brains and gumption.
  4. Enya: She lives in a castle by herself with a ton of cats.
  5. Sylvia Beach: the original owner of Shakespeare and Co, and a badass lady.
  6. Literally every boss I’ve ever had: With a few minor exceptions, I’ve been #blessed to have predominantly female managers who have all been brilliant, confident, extremely capable and just all around rockstars.
  7. The fanfiction version of myself.
  8. Someone who would make child Sydelle proud.
  9. Anyone who has punched a Nazi.
  10. Self-possessed
  11. A successful plant-mom.
  12. Someone who knows how to make their own bread.
  13. Literally any of the food editors from Bon Appetit.
  14. The brown, less biphobic, less elitist, more financially responsible, less bad-decision making Carrie Bradshaw.
  15. Comfortable enough in a social gathering where I don’t know that many people to not just scroll on my phone until someone talks to me.
  16. A successful networker.
  17. Someone who doesn’t overprioritize/idealize love and romance.
  18. Hermione Granger
  19. Frequent traveler
  20. Extremely hydrated

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