And now back to our regular programming

I just realized that I haven’t blogged in a month! Dear imaginary readers, we have lots to catch you up on.

3 important things happened in the last month:

  1. I cut my hair off again.
  2. I accepted a job offer at an education nonprofit.
  3. I am moving to DC (okay well, technically Silver Spring) this Thursday for the aforementioned job.

I realize in the context of the latter happenings the haircut seems relatively unimportant. The last time my hair was this short, it was not by choice. Though I did embrace it in the end, it was due to my own DIY dyeing and bleaching that I needed such a drastic haircut. This time around I’ve come to realize that emotionally, I am a short hair girl. I hate styling my hair beyond running a flatiron over a few wonky pieces, and I like a slight edge to my look. I’ve been really introspective about my gender and relationship to femininity (blog post coming soon), and in advance of my move, a drastic haircut seemed necessary somehow.

If you know me, you know how much rejection and anxiety I’ve dealt during the post-grad job search. While I wasn’t really ever unemployed, thanks to a last minute internship in NYC, I felt really frustrated that despite of active job searching and interviewing, I still didn’t have a “big girl job.” And whatever you might believe about the universe, things have always felt like they worked out the way they were meant to for me. Northeastern, a random roommate, a study-abroad program, breaking up with someone, getting broken up with. Even things that felt god-awful in the moment, actually ended up being the best thing long term. Maybe I’m lucky, or just optimistic and look at everything through rose-colored glasses, but I kind of believe this job was the one I was meant to have. It’s exciting, makes the world a better place, is policy-focused, and my co-workers are ludicrously kind and incredibly smart.

It’s also enabled me to move somewhere I’ve been dreaming of for a while. Not just for the job prospects, the proximity to our nation’s decision-makers, or even bottomless mimosas. Okay, maybe just a little for the bottomless mimosas. DC feels rich and vibrant, so much bigger than Boston, a city I feel like I can really sink my teeth into. In some ways, it feels kind of inevitable that I was going to end up there. I’ve probably visited the city upwards of 10 times now, so while all the tourist spots have been checked off, the local palate still remains unexplored.

I’m excited about new beginnings. A new home, new friends, a new public transportation system to complain about.

I feel like I’m breathing deeply for the first time in a long time.

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