“The idea of a second heart”

*inspired by a poem by Nayyirah Waheed*

The idea of a second heart,

 a newbie, if you will.

One that has still yet to cut its teeth on life. 

I can feel it now, just beneath the first,

a second chance, or maybe just a little more room. 

Our hearts get so full and all too quickly ache,

with the work of loving.

Let’s not pretend that falling in love, or out, is anything but back breaking labor.

The idea of a second heart,

another metronome of existence thumping in your chest reminding you again and again 

that you are alive and that is a beautiful and terrible thing.

And when it breaks,

you will cleaved not just in two but in four and so will your agony multiply. 

But isn’t it worth it, 

to be able to love just a little more?

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