“Not all men”

CW: Sexual assault


they said,

defensively, convincingly.

They say,

not all men,

but they also say

“maybe you shouldn’t have worn that skirt”

“maybe you shouldn’t have let him walk you home”

“maybe you shouldn’t have a drink.”

We are taught that danger and ruin and the boogeyman himself are just around the next corner,

that maybe it isn’t all men, 

but it could be any man. 

Even though,

most often,

it isn’t the hooded figure as we stumble home,

it’s our best friend, our boyfriend, the boy with the kind eyes who sits next to us in Calculus.

They say “not all men”

but 1 in 4 undergraduate women will be sexually assaulted at college,

and I can’t help but look at my friends and wonder which one of us it will be.

Men, ask your sisters, your daughters, your nieces, your friends, your girlfriends

and I will guarantee you almost of all of them will know a woman who has been a victim of sexual assault.

They say “not all men”

but it’s still 25% of us 

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