3 Things Election Day Taught Me

1. The liberal establishment will not protect marginalized people. 

We were told that Hillary was our best bet. We were told to vote for the lesser of two evils. For the nearly-guaranteed first female president. So we did. Many of us swallowed some of our beliefs, and voted for Hillary. And we still lost. Maybe I should have realized this long ago, maybe I was just naive. But in the aftermath of Tuesday, it’s really hitting me hard.

2. Poor white Americans need to realize that the right is not their friend. 

The right will protect and serve their whiteness. But the right will not pay them a livable page, the right will continue to put profit over people, the right will fight and block their unions.

Many white Americans placed their own fears and anxieties over the lives of the minorities, but they did so because they believed that Donald Trump will fight for them, that he would be their champion. He may advocate for their race, but he will not advocate for their socio-economic realities. He will not create jobs for them, he will not reduce their tax burden.

3. I am surrounded by inspiring, resilient people who, I really believe, will change the future of our country.

Call me idealistic, label it a pipe dream. I attended a protest last night, where thousands of us gathered to say that Donald Trump is not our president. Democratically, practically, he may be. But we will fight the actions and decisions of him, and the Republican Congress every damn step of the way. Last night we yelled, we chanted, and we marched, and through some of our words may have sounded vitriolic there was love underneath.

Love for each other. Love for the undocumented, the disabled, the black, the trans the working class, everyone that was told on Tuesday night that our lives didn’t matter. Love for the potential we still see in America, love for the vision of a country that we WILL build.

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