A list of things I want to do with you

  1. Sit on a park bench on a chilly fall morning, just like today, and watch the sun rise. Because with you, my world is full of beginnings.
  2. Go to a museum and not talk for an hour or two. This will be our place of worship.
  3. Take a trip to Ikea and eat Swedish meatballs and most definitely not have a fight about the merits of the Zwiegn versus the Frooper.
  4. Make a budget and stick to it. Love is blind but my bank account ain’t.
  5. Drink wine and dance to Norah Jones.
  6. Make a really elaborate, fancy breakfast.
  7. Go camping. Like, real, no frills, no running water, camping. Please bring plenty of bug spray and promise not to judge my total lack of outdoors skills.
  8. Have a Harry Potter marathon and lament the fact that Hermione settled for Ron and that Albus and Scorpio never got the gay scene they deserved.
  9. Learn how to build something practical. Like a table or something like that.
  10. Take a nap on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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