Unpopular Twentysomething Opinions

  1. Social media is EXHAUSTING. I’m tired of seeing people arguing over whether something is problematic or not, I’m tired of seeing an entire concert through your snapchat story and I’m tired of seeing 50,000 brunch instagrams. Also, the pressure we feel when doing something fun to immediately document it on multiple platforms is not healthy. Social media is not inherently terrible, I actually think it’s an awesome, revolutionary tool. Overusing it to document boring things and using it as validation for your existence isn’t as awesome.
  2. On a related note: If I hear the words “problematic” or “woke” one more time I’m moving to the woods and pulling a Henry David Thoreau. A lot of “social justice” people tend to operate on a dichotomy. People are flawed and imperfect, that does not make them deserving of “dragging” or mean that they are irredeemable. For example, Gandhi was extremely anti-black, but he is a HUGE part of the reason that India is independent today, and inspired MLK (another flawed hero). Just please stop with this moral absolutism. You can offer valid criticisms of both Gandhi and MLK without devaluing them entirely.
  3. Neither Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum are attractive. I’m sorry Channing Tatum looks like one of those thumb creatures from Spy Kids and Ryan Gosling looks like he works on Wall Street, sexually harasses his waitress at a restaurant, and get bottle service at pretentious clubs. Also, am I the only one that finds his voice incredibly unappealing?
  4. I didn’t like “Blonde”. Fight me.
  5. Don’t deny your passions, but be realistic. The world needs artists and writers and musicians, but please for the love of god, don’t quit your day job. Also, it’s your life but you can be all these things *without* spending thousands of dollars to get a degree in it. Follow your heart! But have a backup plan.

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