The purpose of an ordinary life

Do you ever feel utterly weighed down by how crushingly ordinary you are?Like, I’m talking physically and metaphorically burdened.

You can feel it pressing down on your lungs, closing up your throat, snuffing out every flame that has lived in you. 

I have met extraordinary people. You can see it. They burn a little brighter. Even their most unremarkable moments, candles and fireflies live under their skin. You will be inspired, or utterly terrified. You will hate them, or you will love them, foolishly. 

I know what purpose extraordinary people have. They are here to shift the earth in a thousand ways.

But what about the rest of us? Are we filler? Fluff content until the real meat of the story arrives?
Maybe we’re just meant to lead our quiet, dim lives, in the quiet comfort of mediocrity.
We have no medals to win. 

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