I wake up in the morning and check the news,

scroll through twitter to see what city is broken,

where death is trending.


I do not know a world without mass shootings.

Without terror, without an entire religion branded as


The word that is on everyone’s lips but somehow only spoken in reference to people

the same color as me.


I am taught to fear the Ahmed and Muhammed

when it is more likely I will suffer at the hands

of a Brock, a Jared, or anyone white, male and angry.


I am tired of a country that I owe so much but has decided that the right to own an object solely designed for taking life is more important than

the lives of children,

the lives of queer POC,

the lives of people going to see the goddamn Batman movie.

There has been a mass shooting almost every year I’ve been alive.


I wake up in the morning and check the news,

and hope that I have no one to pray for.





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