19 things I learned from being 19

  1. When it comes down to it, I am a very resourceful individual.
  2. What an IRA is. How credit works. Why you should start saving for retirement early. How SCREWED UP predatory lending is . What a subprime mortgage actually is.
  3. Poverty is so much more complex than you think it is.
  4. There are people in this world who really really care about making it better and I am so happy they exist.
  5. Celebrating your birthday without your parents is weird.
  6. Accepting that you miss home doesn’t make you any less mature.
  7. There is no enlightened plane of having all of your shit together, 100% of the time, all of us are working on something.
  8. Professors and teachers are some of the most under appreciated, under-paid people can we please give them more money and thank yous and less money to administration and disciplinarians.
  9. YES, college has made more liberal, but I like to think I’ve gotten less dogmatic and more open to different perspectives (however if you are a Trump supporter, sorry but I’m not going to “hear you out”)
  10. I am more traditional than I think.
  11. Paris is straight up the most magical place I’ve ever been I know I’m a cliche and I don’t care.
  12. You will end up where you’re supposed to be.
  13. It’s harder to be friends when your lives are in different places, you have to make the effort to understand each other and I will always put in this effort for the people I love.
  14. My culture is a bigger part of me than I thought and growing up with nearly all white peers and mainly white friends shaped the way I valued things and the way I wanted my life to look like. I’m working on undoing all of that.
  15. Anti-blackness within the South Asian community is so so real
  16. I am actually a morning person (who knew???)
  17. Everyone who has been in my life and has taught me a lesson. (yes, even you)
  18. I don’t know what my religion is.
  19. Brown boys are better than I thought.

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