To my froomie (friend + roomie)

The first day I met you, I didn’t like you. At all. You were carefully folding all of your clothes like some origami master whereas I was haphazardly throwing my clothes in the drawers. You and your mom cried as you parted while I couldn’t wait to see my family off so I get to being a cool, independent college gal.

I assumed I was getting some goody two shoes, Midwestern hick as my roommate. Maybe in some ways, I was right. I remember how hard it was to fall asleep that night, my first day at college, away from my family, sleeping 4 feet away from a stranger who I most definitely was not going to get along with.

And then one night, neither of us could sleep and I found out that we shared a deep embarrassing love of what is quite possibly the cheesiest movie to be ever produced, “Love Actually”. We both have a weird thing for Scandinavia (we kept our spare change in a jar labeled for Scandinavia. I think I liked you a little more after that.

I think we became friends once we allowed ourselves to be weird around each other. Once you live in such close quarters with someone, there’s no way you can put on an act. They see what you’re really like, whether its at 7 am in the morning as you’re studying for your exam or late at night when you’re coming home after maybe one too many shots (of apple juice of course). We are such different people it’s nothing short of miraculous we get along the way we do, but as they say, opposites attract ( *wink*).

I once read that people are mostly composed of the 5 people they spend the most time with. I am really really lucky that for me, you’re one of those 5 people. And I have a lot to thank you for.

Thank you for genuinely making me a more responsible human being.
Thank you for not hating me when I forget to do the dishes for 3 days.
Thank you for listening to me when its midnight and I’m having an existential crisis and asking rhetorical questions loudly and sighing a lot.
Thank you for not letting me listen to Sam Smith when I’m sad.
Thank you for making me laugh.
Thank you for showing me vegetarian food doesn’t have to be sad and boring.
Thanks for backing me up when I tell other people our really dumb stories and laughing with me even though no one else ever thinks its funny.
Thank you for being one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met, you inspire me to work harder and hold myself to a higher standard.
Thank you for being honest when my outfit is just not on point.
Thank you for providing me with a plethora of super weird stories such as the time you made me try and see if we could hold hands while we were still both in our separate beds (we could).
Thank you for setting the bar impossibly high for any future roommates I have.
Thank you for being my first friend in college.

There’s like 5000 other things to say thank you for, but I won’t ramble. I can’t believe we’ve lived together for four semesters, and we’re about to be apart for 3. This fall will be my first full semester without you, and it’s not going to be easy, especially because you’ll be in Italy probably eating pasta with some handsome guy named Paolo who has a Vespa.
I guess this is me saying I’m going to miss you, like going-to-put-on-Sam-Smith-after-you-leave-miss-you, but I know you’re going on to bigger and better things. I can’t wait to see you again in 2018 and hear all about your adventures in Italy and Berlin.

Tl;dr: I love you, I’m going to miss you, please bring me back an Italian leather bag.

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