Advice to a stranger (part 2)

I recently saw a quote, “The more you find yourself, the more friends you lose.”

At first I thought, well, I guess that makes sense if you find yourself and turns our you’re kind of a jerk.

But maybe when you find yourself, it’s not a change, a metamorphosis, it’s a simply a revelation. You were there all along, it just took some chipping to find you in the marble block.

Once you figure out where you are and what you are, you can’t look at everything the same. The people you loved existed in a different world, one where you were still unhewn, yet to be discovered within the stone.

It’s not a qualitative comparison, they aren’t good, you aren’t bad or vice versa. You simply don’t fit together.

And don’t mourn this. We will all eventually see who we are. And we will all find people who fit. I know you’re living in a life in a way like you’re on the cusp of something, and it is.

The artist has begun, and you’re so close to being a masterpiece.

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