Let me tell the little girl inside of you it’s okay to lose a battle because she can still win the war but honestly, daughter of blood and honey, it’s remarkable that you’re fighting at all because they always say quiet, girl, quiet, and you never them lock up your words.

In the language that paints the patterns of your veins, warrior is masculine. But you never understood why war was a man’s game because a woman giving birth was the very first battle and her child did not come into a kind world.

Eve was made from Adam’s rib but she was the one that burns through time. Never let them tell you curiosity is a sin, arm yourself with knowledge, “you are not a girl, you are a sword”.

If they try and cover your mouth, if they try and hold your tongue, remember that these are the men who will bow to goddesses, and your divinity is inevitable.

Your heart does not beat alone, its rhythm is not in solitude. A woman is defined by her heart, not what her pelvis holds, so let your heart thrum and you will hear their lives and don’t forget to write it down because when we cast off these bodies,

our stories will be left behind.

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