I can feel the echoes of the quiet stone my flesh had become and I was grateful to be impermeable to be quiet and still and safe

Safe as houses.

But houses aren’t really that safe, oftentimes they are where things get broken, our most precious secret dark things kept where the light does not dare extend a gilded finger because this is where the blindly burning things are kept that are so fierce and deep that they have collapsed inwards like dying stars but they are not dying oh they are living brilliantly in a way that we cannot.

I became smaller and smaller and farther and farther and farther away and there I hung suspended in what felt like the karana waters, the causal waves, where the preserver lives like the eye in an endless storm. I could feel the atoms in me vibrating and humming, shaking with the force of the essential disturbance that was commencing. They grumbled and groaned, but above all they sang, and as I dissipated into those waters that swirled at the beginning and at the end, they sang.


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