How to get over him: a To Do list

  1. Write about him. Spit out those watermelon seed words, scrape out that bloodied honey love phrases, this is how you forget the way he made you ache.
  2. Tell your best friend you’re over him. Saying these words aloud to one of the people who loves you most, but is most definitely not your mom, will make you believe it. She will not believe you.
  3. Buy a new lipstick and coat your lips with the color of the dreams you still have about him, wear your affection but remember to wash it off at the end of the day.
  4. Go to a museum  and if you can’t find at least one piece of art that makes you wanna sit down and cry, go home, drink some whiskey, sit down and cry.
  5. Do your laundry and wash the salty sweet smell of him out of your favorite shirt because your clothes can be armor and if this isn’t a fight I don’t know what is.
  6. Clean your apartment. Wipe away the coffee rings on the counter from the last morning he left and vacuum so not even the dust can remember him.
  7. Tell your friends you love them, because they’re your real soulmates. They were here when this began, they wanna be there after it ends.
  8. Bake something ridiculous and over the top and tooth achingly sweet. But don’t make it out of heartbreak. Bake it with love, because the universe is going to give you so much more.
  9. Sit on a rooftop. It will give you some perspective.
  10. Forgive.

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